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Eve Four Claw Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

SKU: 001-02245

Certified Diamond:
Colour: 18ct White Gold
Ring Size:
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A floral feeling. Features a solid band, 6-claw tulip setting and a hidden diamond on each side.

The pictured version features a 1.50ct main diamond and 2=0.01cts of diamond accents. This version is available for inspection in store.

Our natural diamond options feature a hand-picked GIA certified diamond - Colour F, Clarity SI2 or better. Our lab-grown diamond options feature a hand-picked IGI certified diamond - Colour E Clarity VS2 or better. All our diamonds are graded Triple-Excellent finish or better.

Free Independent valuation
Free inscription
Free resizing
Lifetime free cleaning
Lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials (learn more)

Each ring is manufactured to order so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Contact us if you need the ring faster.

Your diamond is handpicked by our expert gemmologists from accredited manufacturers. All our diamonds are guaranteed from ethical sources.

This design can be customised to suit your choice of diamond shape, size, quality, and budget. As part of our customisation service, we offer a 3D resin model print option to assist you visualise the finished piece.

We offer a full-service custom design and manufacturing service. Whether you have just a concept in your mind, a picture on your phone or need some help getting started, we can bring it to reality.

Design Consultation

We design rings of all kinds including engagement and wedding rings, earrings, pendants and other jewellery such as brooches. Our highly conceptual team can work with you to create that perfect individual piece custom made just for you.

It begins with a design consultation to determine your style and preferences. We may have the perfect style for you in our design library or we may begin afresh and create something completely original. We can prepare a hand-drawn sketch with all aspects of the design in proportion, so you can visualise the finished piece of jewellery from several angles. We provide free quotes and hand-pick diamonds and gemstones for your approval.

Quality Manufacture

Depending on the complexity of the design, you have the option of having it hand-made or created using CAD (Computer Aided Design) and 3-D printing technology. Hand-made jewellery tends to be heavier and has inherent strength due to the techniques used in production. Each piece also has unique character from the master jeweller that made it.

Jewellery created using modern casting technology can be made lighter and finer than handmade jewellery and have more complicated design features. It is also easier to achieve perfect symmetry as machine-methods tend to be more precise than man-made. The majority of our designs are made this way today.

Value For Money

With over 70 years in business, and nearly 40 years in our current location, our expert team has over 100 years combined experience in jewellery design and manufacture. We have an extensive network of diamond and coloured gemstone producers in Australia and overseas, so we source as wholesalers to give you the best quality and price.

Click here to see a selection of styles from our Custom Design Collection.

It's a maze out there when you are trying to buy a diamond... here are some simple guidelines to help you when you are first starting out. We are sure you have heard of it - the 4 C's.


Colour is the body colour of the diamond ranging from “colourless” and“white” to varying shades of yellow. Diamonds are graded by a letter scale ranging from “D” Colourless to “Z” (significantly coloured). Australian Diamonds are also found in shades of Pink, Red, Blue, Champagne & Cognac. Australia's Argyle Diamond Mine is the worlds foremost source of exclusive Pink Diamond.


Light refraction gives a Diamond its sparkle & brightness. The Cut of the Diamond has a huge influence over the brilliance and in turn the value of the stone. The light return & sparkle of the stone is a product of how well the Diamond is cut.

Examples of the types of shapes available today:


Diamonds are naturally occurring gemstones and contain their own unique “birthmarks”. Clarity is the assessment of these internal characteristics within the diamond. Examination is undertaken using high magnification and very stringent discipline.  

The grades used are:


Carat is the actual weight of the diamond expressed in metric carats for example 0.25ct, 0.50ct or 1.00ct.

For Example: The Carat Weight and measurements of a Round Brilliant Diamond below

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