It's a maze out there when you are trying to buy a diamond... here are some simple guidelines to help you when you are first starting out. We are sure you have heard of it - the 4 C's.


Colour is the body colour of the diamond ranging from “colourless” and“white” to varying shades of yellow. Diamonds are graded by a letter scale ranging from “D” Colourless to “Z” (significantly coloured). Australian Diamonds are also found in shades of Pink, Red, Blue, Champagne & Cognac. Australia's Argyle Diamond Mine is the worlds foremost source of exclusive Pink Diamond.


Light refraction gives a Diamond its sparkle & brightness. The Cut of the Diamond has a huge influence over the brilliance and in turn the value of the stone. The light return & sparkle of the stone is a product of how well the Diamond is cut.

Examples of the types of shapes available today:


Diamonds are naturally occurring gemstones and contain their own unique “birthmarks”. Clarity is the assessment of these internal characteristics within the diamond. Examination is undertaken using high magnification and very stringent discipline.  

The grades used are:


Carat is the actual weight of the diamond expressed in metric carats for example 0.25ct, 0.50ct or 1.00ct.

For Example: The Carat Weight and measurements of a Round Brilliant Diamond below