Our Team

                          Geoff Jarrett
With over 40 years of industry experience, Geoff's warm, infectious personality has touched all who he has looked after, customers and staff alike. With an enormous heart he gives an equal amount of care and attention to every person who enters his store. Geoff is a fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia (FGAA) and a former teacher in our hallowed halls. His love of watches and diamonds remain his passion and with his vast experience and his creative mind, he is also our main designer for all things gorgeous we make in our busy workshop.
                       Roslyn Jarrett

rjarrettRos a Registered Valuer with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV), she is a Member of the FGAA and is a very experienced Diamond Grader. Being in this industry for many, many years, she is a very well known and respected woman in the Australian world of jewellery. Ros has a specialist background specifically in diamonds however has a passion and astounding knowledge of all gemstones.


      Jan Vlazny

Jan brings passion and expertise as a Manager to Jarrett's. She has a BSc, FGAA, Dip DT (Diploma of Diamond Technology) and has been known to become very excited about gemstones, especially Pearls. Jan has a wonderfully creative mind and like Geoff, has a passion for designing gorgeous jewellery. Jan has also been a lecturer at the Gemmological Association of Australia for many, many years… passing on her wealth of knowledge to budding young Gemmologists.

edlapp       Elizabeth De Lapp

Elizabeth is our youngest Gemmologist and Diamond Grader... with an unbridled passion for coloured gems! She is often found hard at work in our engine room looking after our customers repairs (serious Quality Control!) and special orders as well as taking pride in bringing the dazzle into our store, displaying our jewels beautifully. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Elizabeth, she is attentive and knowledgable, offering wonderful service to our customers.

Agnes Cheung                

Agnes brings with her an amazing mix of talents. Being a qualified Accountant and CPA, you will find her crunching numbers and keeping our accounts in check. Agnes also has a strong passion for gems... She is a qualified Gemmologist (FGAA) and holds a Certificate in Diamond Grading from the Gemacheungmological Association of Australia. She loves being around beautiful jewellery, especially diamonds and gems and can assist in all things sparkling. 

Agnes is also available to advise or translate for those clients who prefer to communicate in Mandarin or Cantonese. 

澳洲寶石學會認可寶石鑑證師(FGAA); 通曉普通話及廣東話。
                   Carolyn Dimmock

A true "jewellery kid", Carolyn practically grew up in her Mum and Dad's jewellery business on the Mid North Coast of NSW. She can assist with all sorts of minor jewellery and watch repairs along with sales and design however her passion lies on the digital side of things. With an Adv Dip I.T. Multimedia Design, Carolyn loves doing the macro photography, marketing, graphic, web design and social media for Jarrett's. 

Mindy Liang

Mindy is our newest recruit. Her love of Gemstones has lead her to our world of Gemmology. As a recent graduate of the Gemmological Association of Australia, Mindy is now a fully qualified Gemmologist (FGAA) and Diamond Grader. so can help with all gemmological enquiries. She also has a keen interest in photography and is expanding her photographic skills behind the macro lens
mliang, learning all about focal points, light and shadow, and taking fabulous photos of all our gorgeous jewellery.

Offering a high level of customer service, Mindy is 
also available to advise or translate for those clients who prefer to communicate in Mandarin or Cantonese.




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