Diamond Technology

Diamonds have a long history, millions of years old in fact and so there is much to discover about this truly incredible stone. Diamond Technology focuses on the Geology, as well as the theory of colour, cut and clarity grading. From the history of diamond cutting and cuts through the ages, to the newer and more fancier cuts of today, a Diamond Technologist can also provide you with valuable information in regards to the manufacture of Diamonds and what to look for in choosing that perfect stone. On a more serious note, issues such as artificial colouration and fracture filled treatments of diamonds are something everyone should be made aware of, along with watching out for synthetic and imitation diamonds out there in the world.

At Jarrett Jewellery, we can provide you with all the knowledge required to make an informed and precise decision. We want the diamond you choose to be the diamond you want.


Winston Legacy DiamondThe "Winston Legacy Diamond"
Image: Christie's


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